It was only a matter of time before Kings Cross' finest running club collaborated with Kings Cross' finest running store, Pace Athletic. So what do you get out of it?


Yep, you heard us, just drop the name KXTC and you're in! GO GET 'EM. 

Pace Athletic is located in the Kings Cross Centre (where Coles is), literally metres from the Coke sign. 

Still not convinced? Allow us to lay out some more reasons to buy your gear at Pace:

  • They're actually proper, experienced athletes and experts who know a shitload about running; not a group of amateur drongos like us. 
  • You know how good a pair of box-fresh sneakers smell? Their whole store smells like that! 
  • Who wants to deal with the know-nothing idiots at Rebel or some other Big Name Sports Store? FFS, go and see a professional. 
  • They're strictly, 100%, not-for-profit!*
  • Store manager Jacko is really tall. He has to be seen in person to be believed. 
  • The store is super close to Pizza Hut so you can pick up a fresh pepperoni pizza after you've picked up some fresh kicks.

*Not true. They operate on a standard 100% for-profit business model, but they're cool about it.