Can I join? 

Yes! We want to run with you! 

Are you sure? I'm not even fit. 

Sure are. We want to run with everyone. While run leaders have a fair amount of running and racing experience, we don't expect that you necessarily will. You don't even have to 'look' or dress like a runner. Haven't run since the year 9 school cross country? We're here to help. 

We do have some minimum requirements for our runs: that you can run at least 3-4kms, at a pace of around 5:45mins/km. This is in the interest of running together as a group, rather than to exclude anyone. Having said that, if you're having an off day or just not feeling it, no one gets left behind! A run leader will always run at the back of the pack. 

On the other hand, if you're a seasoned runner, racer, or speedster, then bring it on. We've got you covered too. Maybe you can even teach us a thing or two, eh? 

We're hoping to include some absolute beginner groups in the future, with zero minimum requirements - keep your eyes on the website, Facebook and Instagram

I'm more of a 'party guy/girl' than a 'fitness guy/girl'. Should I still join? 

Yep! You should. We reckon that you can be a runner AND have a social life. Go crazy. While we encourage people to train as hard as they want to, and that pushing your limits can take you to whole new places, nobody should feel guilty about having booze/fun/burgers when they're not running. And if anyone mentions green smoothies, they're out.  

Is KXTC just for people who live in Kings Cross? 

Nope. We don't care where you live, as long as you can get to the Coke sign for the starting time. 

The founders of the club live in the inner-city area, and the club was formed in the spirit of the area, but you can be as non inner-city as you like. We won't judge. If you're down with us, we're down with you. 

What about me? I'm merely a tourist, passing through your fair city. 

You're no mere tourist...you're a runner! Come join the crew! You're most welcome, even if it's just for one run. 

How do I become a KXTC member? 

Just show up to one of our runs! We don't have official memberships - that's not our style. You're already a KXTCer. 

You sound awesome. It must cost heaps to run with you.

You'd think so, right? Some running clubs charge crazy $$$ but at KXTC, we don't think you should have to pay to run. Just like we won't charge you for the air you breathe, or the sunshine on your shoulders. Not even a nugget. SFA. Nothin'. You're in. 

I'm running in a [5ker/10ker/the C2S/a half marathon/a marathon/an ultra marathon]. Can you help? 

Sure can. Our run leaders have trained for all sorts of races over the years, using specified, tailored training programs. We can give you some ideas on how you to smash that race. 

Which brings us to... 

Do you guys compete in races? 

We do! From 5kers right up to marathons. Where there is enough interest, we will be entering races as a club so you can rep your KXTC crew. 

Are you guys professionals? Is this a professional running club for professional athletes? 

We are not professionals, we just like to run. We started this club to encourage normal people to run and to give those of you who are already runners a chance to run with other people who love running. We love running and you do too; or you soon will!